Zing Marketing was founded by Erick Racedo with the purpose of helping companies dominate in their market. That purpose was realized shortly after producing results for businesses in automotive repair, photography, jewelry, dentistry and plumbing.

It wasn’t long before we decided to condense our own marketing efforts to target one specific industry, and came to the decision to work with plumbers. That decision has lead us to become the top SEO company for plumbers.

In time we’ve heard complaints about SEO companies not keeping in touch, being secretive about what they’re doing, not finding out the client’s needs, and not delivering what’s promised. So we decided that in order to make us stand out, we would offer the opposite.

  • We consider ourselves an extension of our client’s company.
  • We are transparent with our clients.
  • We always get to know what’s needed and wanted from our clients.
  • We always deliver what’s promised.

Those 4 points along with quality service, has resulted in the boom that we’ve created today. We’ve never taken on a client who we couldn’t produce a return for, and we won’t take on a client if we don’t believe they will benefit from our service.

With that being said, Zing Marketing has built a reputation for offering the best SEO and PPC services for plumbers and will continue to do so by remaining true to our purpose.